Hey, I'm Ariel Thai Heide
Accounting Specialist

“You never know what you can do until you try.” ―William Cobbett

A Focused and Efficient Accountant with a Big Heart

Ariel Thai Heide is one of our Accounting Specialists and cares for the clients through efficient and accurate creation of the foundational financials for our clients. Working in close conjunction with our Customer Allies, Ariel keeps numbers moving quickly through all software products, maintaining the connections, and keep everything reconciled and buttoned up for the final advisory review! Ariel started her career as a General Manager, fell in love with accounting and eventually went on to run the company for the owner (before he retired). She got her bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and made her way through a couple of firms honing her accounting chops before landing at Blumer.

Ariel loves to work with great people and is eager to serve Blumer’s amazing clients. “How can I help you?” may be the first thing a client hears her say when they meet her. The work can be challenging itself, but she loves the task of solving complex problems with an amazing team. She’s always eager to learn, has certifications in the many softwares we use to serve our clients, and has managed accounting for clients in many cloud-based products all over the US.

She’ll start her day with 4 to 6 cups of coffee 👊🏼, puts on the jams (too many great bands to choose from!), and gets head’s down in all of the client’s accounting records. With a sweet tooth it’s no wonder sweet tea and desserts are her go to indulgences. Her super power would be to fly if she could. She loves the fall and enjoys a good comedy or documentary.

Living in St. Hedwig, a suburb of San Antonio, TX, Ariel loves to spend time relaxing in her free time with her family, sons and friends - but she loves to stay busy, so she can’t sit down too long! She loves to volunteer for local food banks and poverty alleviation in San Antonio.

Favorite Pastime: Fostering and volunteering for dog rescues (especially Boxers!)

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