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Case Study: Overcoming Failure with Kade Wilcox

Overview Kade Wilcox has been on a journey. From building teams to leading worship to running for office, he’s got a lot on his resume. He’s worked with Blumer CPAs before, but when he reached out within the last year, he was at a low point. It’s something you don’t typically put on your resume, but Kade has embraced it wholeheartedly in an attempt to squeeze every ounce of learning from the experience.  Kade was leading a multi-million dollar marketing agency. Then, he wasn’t.  The company failed, plain and simple.  Through an extremely difficult, introspective process, Blumer CPAs helped Kade [...]
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Case Study: How a World-Class Agency Transformed for the Better During COVID

Challenges Bukwild is a 25-person design and technology studio based in Sacramento.  Since its inception in 2001, some of the best-known brands in the U.S. have turned to Bukwild for help—Amazon and Pandora, DoorDash and CLIF Bar, California Olive Ranch and Coachella. But with the killer portfolio and millions in revenue came major growing pains.  COO Donald Fierros recalled the challenges with business strategy and keeping everyone on the same page in 2018:  “As a company, we were trying to be everything to everyone. We had a lot of communication issues as well. People holding different definitions of things in [...]
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