Case Study: Stoked Gets Legally Creative

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Stoked is a global design company based out of Nashville, renowned for its expertise in fostering healthy work cultures, guiding teams through transitions, and providing organizations with tools for sustained positive impact.

At the head of the company stands CEO Anna Love–a sort of accidental business leader. 

The Problem

Anna and her cofounder found themselves starting a business without really meaning to. In her words: “Neither of us had the business prowess that is probably needed to be wise business leaders.”

And a big part of leading a successful business is having a firm grasp on accounting and finances. But, like most creative founders, the numbers game wasn’t really where Anna could focus her time.

So they did the logical thing and chose to outsource their accounting. However, they just couldn’t find the right fit. Three firms later, they were still unable to find an accounting team that seemed to get them: each team they’d worked with just couldn’t seem to speak their language, understand their challenges as a creative agency, or get a big picture view of the company.

How Blumer CPAs Helped

Stoked’s strong suit is helping companies humanize and innovate, and they were looking for partners who could do the same for them.

As they evolved, the team grew tired of the traditional, stuffy accountants and wanted partners who not only spoke their language, but could wrap their minds around the type of business they had. Blumer’s specialization with creative agencies made the perfect fit. 

When they sat down with Jason and Julie, Anna and team were upfront about their previous challenges and shared what they hoped the Blumer team could do for them. 

Stoked was struggling with faulty systems; they needed insight into day-to-day processes that could reflect the human-centered approach of the firm. Immediately, they felt like the Blumer team showed dedication to the creative vision of the company (and bonus: no one showed up wearing a suit). 

The Outcome

Since their partnership began in 2019, the relationship between Stoked and Blumer has only gotten better with time. Anna affirms, “they’re one of our most trusted business relationships now…that is the sign of a strong partnership, not perfection, but growing together.”

Where they once felt overlooked, Stoked attributes the Blumer team with solutions they’ve never experienced with other firms. And while no partnership is perfect, the partnership between both firms has thrived under open communication and healthy collaboration. Both teams have learned that growth truly stems from learning from mistakes and moving forward with solid partnerships.  

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