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AYT: What Struggle Are You Facing Right Now?

AYT: Are You Facing Struggles? from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo. Transcript: Jason Blumer here with Ask Yourself This. Here’s the question AYT, ask yourself this, here’s a question for you. What struggle are you facing right now that won’t be part of your life next year? So what is the purpose of a question like that? Basically here’s what it is, to make you look at what’s happening now and to tell yourself this is not going to last forever. You know what subconsciously you probably don’t think you do that. You don’t think, oh my gosh, this is going […]

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Ask Yourself This: What Have You Learned?

AYT: What Have You Learned? from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo. Transcript: Hey, Hey. Jason Blumer here, CEO of Blumer CPAs where we do consulting with creative agencies, creative businesses and I want to AYT. I want to ask you to AYT. AYT means, “ask yourself this.” Ask yourself this. So here’s a big question I want you to ask yourself. What one thing have you learned in the past six months that could help you grow as a business owner in the next six months? What are we doing? We’re doing self-assessment right here. I’ve been doing some self assessment […]

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