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How (and Why) to Hold a Leadership Retreat

So you have a growing firm. And you have wisely created a leadership team to take some of the weight off your shoulders as an owner and to help manage the day-to-day activity of running the firm. But have you considered taking them out of the day-to-day activity of running the firm? Have you considered holding an annual leadership team retreat, with just firm owners and leadership team? You should! Why A Leadership Team Retreat? My partner and I say to clients we consult with “you can’t read the label on your own bottle.” In order to read the contents, […]

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The Capture and Movement of Calendar Workblocking, Part 2

If you read our Part 1 post on Strategic Calendar Workblocking, you know we have a philosophy and strategy behind the visible nature of a professional team’s capacity. The future planning of what you will attempt to accomplish on a calendar is key to moving blocks around when the reality of the future doesn’t look the way you expected it to. Whew, that’s a big sentence! Let me break that down further: Planning the future alone is a strategic activity (even though you know it won’t look the way you plan) Why? Because efficiency and clarity of work is a […]

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Our Team Methodology for Calendar Workblocking, Part 1

We believe in the value of our team’s professional capacity. As a firm, the team’s capacity is all we have to offer our value to our clients. So we spend a lot of time teaching our team the theory of brain capacity management, the value they have as individuals, and the importance of their commitment to collaboration with each other in fulfilling the scope of our client contracts.  It’s a big deal, and we know capacity management among services companies is hard for everyone. So I want to write a 2 part series on how we approach this important work […]

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