I’m Going on a Deep Journey of Capacity Learning in 2024

My partner and I work with a lot of service-based entrepreneurs that are seeking to grow their firms, agencies, and consultancies. We’ve been doing this for decades, and the more we work with these entrepreneurs the more we see the trouble so many have with something that is generally labeled “Capacity Management.”

Many want to know if they have the right team capacity to take in a larger amount of revenue. Many don’t even understand how closely capacity management is tied to revenue performance. And many don’t look at these concepts at all, and their agency begins to consume them because it is ignored (or misunderstood). We do this work in the trenches. We get down in the weeds with these entrepreneurs and try to figure out how to understand capacity, how to track capacity, create mental and visual models to grasp these concepts, and how to lead teams using these capacity concepts. Over and over this concept proves to be much more complicated and unknown than I ever thought possible. I’ve done some initial research and work on thinking through these concepts and it feels like a black hole. Understanding capacity, and how it can truly improve the lives of service-based entrepreneurs, will take massive amounts of work to understand.

I’m going on a deep journey of capacity learning in 2024. You’ll hear more about it as I research the concepts, talk to people, bring in other experts, write about it, and eventually come to some conclusions that I want to share with the world. 

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