Case Study: Overcoming Failure with Kade Wilcox


Kade Wilcox has been on a journey. From building teams to leading worship to running for office, he’s got a lot on his resume. He’s worked with Blumer CPAs before, but when he reached out within the last year, he was at a low point. It’s something you don’t typically put on your resume, but Kade has embraced it wholeheartedly in an attempt to squeeze every ounce of learning from the experience. 

Kade was leading a multi-million dollar marketing agency. Then, he wasn’t. 

The company failed, plain and simple. 

Through an extremely difficult, introspective process, Blumer CPAs helped Kade work through this situation to find out what went wrong and how it could be avoided in the future. 

The Problem

Kade was struggling with tough business partnerships and a core uneasiness: was he currently doing what he was meant to be doing? Focusing on anything work-related while questioning vocational placement adds a ton of confusing thoughts to an already tricky situation. 

Kade just needed direction.  

How Blumer CPAs Helped 

Through months of 1-on-1 coaching with Kade, Jason & Julie began to peel this story apart, layer by layer. It took an incredible amount of humility for Kade to open up and objectively share what was happening in his life. 

“They have been a sounding board, they have provided counsel, at times they have simply just been friends I could share with as I experienced deep loss.”

Through this coaching, Kade found clarity in his purpose and his mission, and that translated into his new agency, Flatland. 

The Outcome

Things have been healthier for Kade, thanks to the clear path he’s created for his company. Sure, there are still challenges to work through—this is entrepreneurship, after all. But Kade feels that “through the challenges of the last year and great support from family, friends, and Jason and Julie’s coaching relationship, I’m the best version of me I have ever been.” 

Listen to the Businessology Show for more about Kade’s Story.

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