Core Values and Characteristics Part 3

Blumer’s Characteristics are our goals.  They’re what we strive for.  They’re what we want our clients and those we come in contact with to say about our service and our team.  

Our characteristics are few, but they pack a lot of punch in each one.  Check out how our team describes these traits. 

High autonomy, high accountability

High Autonomy and High Accountability are 2 sides of the same coin. We are all adults on the team, and we are treated that way. That’s the High Accountability piece. We are accountable to each other, to do our work in a timely manner and to the best of our ability, especially where it impacts another team member’s work, or it impacts the client directly. We are accountable to get ourselves in gear each day and do what we need to do to get the work done.

The flip side of that is that no one is going to be standing over our shoulders, micromanaging our work. That’s the culture that Jason and Julie have created here at Blumer. They have high expectations of us as a team. But they also place High Trust in us as a team; they believe in us and encourage and support us. And we do the same for each other.

When we as a team are accountable to Jason & Julie, to the clients and to each other and we strive to live up to that accountability, it allows an atmosphere of trust to happen. Clients can put their trust in us that their work will be done to a high level of service and on time. Our team can put their trust in each other to collaborate so we can all do our work successfully. – Mariela Reiss 

High Value, High Service

To me, high value, high service is when clients can FEEL the value of the service we bring to them. High Value is the product that a client feels like they’re getting a lot for their money. High Service is what gives a client that value…It’s communication. It’s timely work. It’s confidence in what we do and doing it well.

High Value, High Service is also displayed within the team. It’s a passion for each other to do well and to see the firm do well. It’s jumping in to help a team member when we are already busy or asking a team member “how can help” if it’s a slower season for me. High Value, High Service is reviewing each others work to make sure we deliver the best possible product to the client. I see the team working together like no other team I’ve ever seen. When other companies have employees competing against each other, this community really steps in to make sure everyone flourishes. – Andrea Hyman

High Dependability, High Trust

As a team, high dependability/high trust is displayed like trapeze artists. Each team member depends on the other & each team member must trust one another. It is a mutual sense of dependability & trust. At Blumer, we display the Blumer Core Characteristic of “high dependability, high trust” when we depend & trust the team member to do their part of the accounting puzzle and serve the client. Conversely, the team member performing the work depends on the rest of the team for support/troubleshooting and trusts the rest of the team to have their back. – Stephanie Kuchle 

Extreme Ownership 

Extreme Ownership means being 100% responsible for your position and how what you do affects your job and maybe even others. Sometimes extreme ownership is owning something good or bad that has affected you or your team. I also think going the extra mile in your job shows extreme ownership to make sure there is not a gap in processes or communication.

My favorite way Blumer/Thriveal employees show Extreme Ownership is when someone is giving you information in Twist, it is so thorough and no questions have to be asked. If there are spreadsheets, they are linked! To have employees take extreme ownership like that in a remote company is awesome!  – Lauren Day

The Blumer team is comprised of a group of adults, working asynchronously, but collaboratively, striving for high value and service for our clients and each other. 

If you missed part 1 and part 2 of this series, make sure to check those out.  Are you looking for a high service type of team to serve you?  Check out What We Do.

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