Core Values and Characteristics Part 2

The Blumer Team’s Core Values are what we believe in.  They’re what drive our work. 

Today we, as a team, want to take a few minutes to break down each of the 5 core values that we have adopted. 

Commitment leads to Loyalty

People who are committed to the success of the team/company/goal, will do what needs to be done to find that success and are respectful, honest & loyal to those team members and company who are working towards the same success/goals. – Jenny Andrejack, Customer Ally

Jason and Julie define commitment as “really embracing your job description and title”.  Commitment is doing your job in the community that you are part of and being passionate about it.  When you do this over time, it leads to a heart’s desire to be loyal to the mission.  Loyalty is “giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.”  It’s putting the greater good ahead of your personal feelings because you know it’s what’s best for everyone.  Commitment leads to Loyalty is doing your job so that the whole firm benefits. 

Collaboration leads to Strength

Collaboration Leads to Strength means that when team members work together, their combined efforts and diverse perspectives can lead to better results than if they worked alone. Collaboration allows for pooling of ideas, sharing of knowledge and expertise, and effective communication which ultimately strengthens the team’s performance.

One example of collaboration on our team was when I suggested rearranging the timing of a client’s cash projections from Thursday to Monday. We worked together as a team, and after sharing our thoughts, we agreed to propose the idea to the client. This collaboration made us stronger as a team, and we were able to provide the client with a more useful cash projection. This is just one example but collaboration is shown in almost every interaction we have. Our entire team works together to provide “white glove” service to clients, and our collaborative efforts make this possible.  – Giselle Liotta, Customer Ally

Confidence leads to Initiative

As Jason likes to say “We are going to blow crap up.” Knowing that we can try things but the failure that may come at the end is not the end, but it’s a learning opportunity for next time. Like Thomas Edison said “I never once failed at making a light bulb. I just found out 99 ways not to make one.” We as humans cannot grow without failing. People always look at the success stories of Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, etc., and say how good they have it, but they do not see the failures and struggles they had to go through to get to this point. The confidence is knowing that failure is ok, because it leads us to our end goal, allows me to have the initiative to try new things. There have been many times I’ve failed, but there have been many time I’ve succeeded. The initiative allowed me to better myself and the team. – Vlad Ungureanu, Accounting Specialist and Tech Specialist

Humility leads to Consideration

My favorite core value! Although we’re not always humble about our professional skills & knowledge (there’s a reason you’re paying for our services after all!) we are humble as people. We know that both our clients & fellow team members’ time is extremely valuable to them and that they deserve to be treated with respect and attentiveness. This drives us to put a great deal of care and thought into: the way we communicate with our clients and each other, the scheduling of our work to match each others calendars and client needs, and always taking that little extra time to ensure that our clients understand what we’re doing and why, regardless of their background in finance or lack thereof. We are NOT your typical accounting firm that leaves you in the dark and sends reports that only the company Controller understands. –Nicholas Greene, Customer Accounting Analyst

Honesty leads to Integrity

The more honest we are, the more trusted we become, and clients feel they can rely on us. I see it all of the time when people admit their mistakes and ask for help.  We correct and update processes and ultimately we grow from mistakes.– Pandora Saunders, Customer Ally

In summary, all of our core values are interconnected.  We are all committed to Blumer and the jobs/processes/goals as well as the successes of the businesses we serve. To do so, we must collaborate – which makes us a stronger team; we must be honest with each other, our team and clients rely on that integrity; and all of those lead to the confidence each team member has to take the initiative on many different tasks.

To learn more about the why behind our Core Values, check out part 1 of this blog series. 

Are you looking for a committed team to serve you?  Check out What We Do.

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