Case Study: Guiding 3MW Through Leadership Transition

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Meet 3 Media Web, a digital marketing and website development agency that provides services and support to B2B companies in a wide range of industries. 

Over the past five years, company leaders Mary Novick and Jess Hennessey found themselves more and more engaged in working “on the business” rather than in it, and eventually moved into C-suite roles. When the former CEO decided to step down from ownership, it felt right for them to pursue purchasing the company themselves.

The Problem

Buying a company is a big deal: it’s not something many of us do every day, and when you’re doing it for the first time, it’s hard to go alone. There’s so much to consider that impacts both your business and your personal life–and it can be difficult to know what those things are, or even what questions to ask! 

Mary and Jess, like many hopeful business owners, needed support and knowledge to make it happen. Enter: the Blumer Team.

How Blumer CPAs Helped

Mary and Jess were familiar with the Blumer team because the former CEO had been a coaching client. Since they’d already had a great experience with our team, reaching out on their own was an easy decision.  

From day one of the transition, Jason and Julie were there as pillars of support and guidance. They rolled up their sleeves right alongside Mary and Jess: together, they dove into the complexities of refining processes and improving the way things flowed through the company (think: financing and improving cash flow).

But more importantly, they were also there to provide encouragement and support for the decisions Mary and Jess were making as new owners. After all, they were doing a lot of incredible–and challenging!–work, and having someone there to validate the choices and changes they were making empowered them to keep going. 

When the time came to sign the dotted line and officially make 3MW theirs, Mary and Jess were equipped with all the knowledge and tools they needed to move forward, initiate the purchase with confidence, and ensure a smooth transition to ownership. 

The Outcome

During a time that can feel turbulent and even a little scary, Jason and Julie helped 3 Media Web find answers, rhythm, and confidence.

It’s now been a year since the successful shift in power, and the result? No losses, no major hiccups. As Jess proudly puts it, “The company didn’t miss a beat, no employees left. Jason and Julie made the process a lot less scary for all of us.”

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