Hiring Tips & Red Flags

Hiring Tips & Red Flags

Team management…it’s constantly on every leader’s mind.  It seems like every agency we know is either hiring, firing, or is having a team member leave.  It’s like there is this big “Fruit Basket Turnover” happening in the corporate world right now, and it doesn’t look like there is an end in sight anytime soon. 

We’ve put together a list of “Hiring Tips & Red Flags” that can help you find the right person for the right seat in your company, and hopefully sooner rather than later. 

  1. You need to add science, experience, conversations and anything else you can to a hiring process to read the candidate. Have them take tests, talk to them extensively, email with them, talk to people they know, have them talk to others in your firm, have conversations with your Leadership Team about them. You need all of the help you can get to make an informative decision. We even have a member of our Leadership Team interview the candidate.  They may see something that we don’t see in our interviews. Learn about How Personality Tests Help You Lead Better here
  2. If someone can’t give you the reference to their most recent job, then ask why. You may not often be able to talk to their current employer, but you should always ask.  
  3. Some future employees provide friends as references. Nope! You want professional references only, preferably someone who was in a supervisory role with them. You really need a minimum of 3, and as most recent in their work experience as possible. (When you start to get into ‘I knew them 3 years ago’ or more it’s getting too long ago to rely on the reference).  And remember, a supervisor in a volunteer position can work as well!
  4. I always question when someone is too eager. Like when they say “Oh I love you guys, I can start tomorrow.” Hmmm…I mean, I know we are loveable, but slow your roll! It also makes me wonder if they would be as eager to leave me if something else comes along. 
  5. Also be wary if you hear that there are jobs they discuss with you verbally that are not listed on the resume. It’s not a deal breaker, you just want to know why and you want to ask questions about that. Maybe they don’t apply to the type of position they’re applying for with your company.  Or, maybe they want to try and juggle multiple jobs while working for you.  In our experience, this tends to get tricky.  We haven’t found many people who can handle multiple jobs, family, and personal life. 
  6. If they begin your process responding promptly, and then they start taking too long to get back to you, that can often be a sign that something has changed for them. You have to remember that many candidates have many, many resumes out and they are looking for their next best place to be. So you are not the only one on their radar. With so many people hiring, there is competition out there so you need to shine so you look attractive to strong people. 

Want more tips for hiring the perfect addition to your team?  Watch The Hiring Process in 5 Easy Steps here

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