Agency Prototype

Mastermind with other agency owners on growth.

This mastermind with other agency owners is centered around the Blumer CPAs Prototype Components Model for Growth which was developed internally as a consultative guide to help agency owners wade through and uncover their growth complexities. You'll need to have the commitment to grow before joining the group. The Masterclass is a 7 month program launching
every July, and it includes a required live 90 minute group session every month. An online chat community is also provided for collaborative growth conversations, as well as discussing the internally developed homework constructed for diving deeper into the model. The masterclass program will require between 6 to 8 hours of dedication per month.

Agency Prototype Masterclass Agenda

Focus Theme: Narrow & Risk

Focus Theme: Choice & Onboarding

Focus Theme: Website & Positioning

Focus Theme: Purpose & Core Values

Focus Theme: Marketing & Content Generation

Focus Theme: Calendar Workblocking & Team Care Rhythms

Focus Theme: Leadership

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