Hey, I'm Brittani Birckbichler
Accounting Specialist

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Henry Ford

An Outgoing Service-Minded Accounting Ninja 🥷🏼

Brittani Birckbichler is our Accounting Specialist and handles the complex accounting for our clients. In addition, she leads and manages some important accounting processes for our firm and team. She initially began her career for 10 years in retail management going through Target’s management training program, where she found her love for data, metrics, and accounting! Her career has taken her through accounting in domestic and international businesses for companies with a presence in the US, Brazil, France, Germany, and India. Brittani has her BS in Accounting from Midwestern State University.

She is very outgoing so Brittani will look forward to diving deep with clients. She always loves to get her clients talking about their business, their passions, and how they started. She wants our service to be an exchange of ideas and information and by getting to the why's and how's behind the client’s directions and desires. Brittani is not scared of a challenge (our kind of people!). Though challenged by the complexity of our firm’s client work she is always eager to create, develop, and organize new client work when it comes into the firm. The constant state of learning is something she enjoys and opens herself up to more learning over time.

True to her character, Brittani jams to My Chemical Romance! It matches getting jacked up on 4 to 6 cups of coffee every day, and taking her two awesome daughters on amazing journeys through growth. Her daughters challenge her to challenge herself. Brittani loves watching her daughters become amazing women (they can just follow their Mom!).

Brittani enjoys service on volunteer non-profit boards like the Junior League. She also enjoys concerts both local and larger artist, attending community events, and reading. You’ll also find her outside: hiking, fishing, and hunting. She enjoys sweet tea and sushi (together?!), summer and wishes she had the super power of sonic speed! She hails from the small town of Iowa Park, Texas but has a broad world view that makes our firm stronger. Try to keep up!

Favorite Movie: The Matrix Trilogy

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