Hey, I'm Giselle Liotta, CPA
Customer Ally

“Bless the world with your mind, heal the world with your heart, lift the world with your soul; elevate the world with your life.” Matshona Dhliwayo

The Cosmopolitan world traveler with a big heart for service

Giselle Liotta is one of our Customer Allies and leads her clients through the fulfillment of our contracts and multiple projects. She started her career in 2014 after graduating with a BS in Accounting and Finance from Florida State University. She has worked as a real estate accountant, technical accountant for Royal Caribbean International, and as a entrepreneurial services accountant at large CPA/Advisory firm in Miami, Fl.

Giselle is a bright fun CPA (do those exist? YES!) who loves to travel worldwide. Though she is based in Miami, she’s visited many countries and brings a beautiful tapestry of awareness, diversity, and empathy to the clients she serves. She believes the greatest challenge as a Customer Ally is finding new and innovative ways to help clients succeed and grow. To meet this challenge, she is always seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments, share new software products and efficiencies with the team, and to think creatively about how she can help her clients leverage these changes to their advantage. The very first thing you’ll experience with Giselle is a warm welcome, followed by a commitment to understanding your needs and providing the high service that Blumer clients are accustomed to.
What does she love? So much! Travel, adventure, horseback riding, yachting, jet skiing, and trying new restaurants. And of course, her family (especially her niece and nephew). She enjoys being immersed in different cultures discovering the foods and cooking methodologies of different places. She even took some time away from accounting to be a chef on yachts where she was able to hone her culinary skills (now she just shares them with friends and loved ones). You can find her spending time at the beach with a pina colada , having a nice juicy ribeye for dinner while jamming to Santana. Here favorite season is summer and as a superhero would love to read minds! No coffee, just hot tea.

Favorite Movie: Man on Fire

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