Hey, I'm Jenny Andrejack
Customer Ally

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice."
Bob Marley

The right mix of energy, team focus, and spunk

Jenny Andrejack is one of our Customer Allies and leads her clients through the fulfillment of our contracts and multiple projects. She has been in public accounting since day one graduating college in 2003. She got her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Elizabethtown College in PA (go Jays!).

Jenny is a fun soul, a go-getter, and is always up for a good laugh or story with the team! She LOVES our team, and though all of the clients are so different, our deep service allows her to get to know them well and serve them with a panache and creativity you won’t find in other accountants! Jenny is constantly evolving and growing consistently with the one main purpose of our firm as we serve our chosen market. She is NOT about staying or getting stuck in SALY (same as last year). When a new client shows up, she’ll welcome them with a hearty, “Bear with us, it will be worth it! We promise!” (which is a reference to our extensive onboarding and partnering with our clients up front).

She’s lived everywhere with her 4 busy boys and Marine husband as they travel the world serving our great country (currently residing in Hampstead, NC near Camp Lejeune). If she’s not out playing soccer herself, then she is taking her boys to their many athletic events. A true creative at heart, Jenny loves to make anything - painting, building, making tshirts, cooking, you name it. Her greatest joy is her family, sports, baking, and the beach. Though she kicks off her day with 1- 3 cups of coffee every morning, if she had a choice it would be an ice cold Dr Pepper. She loves all genres of music, watching a good RomCom (when she gets the remote), and her fav season is the end of summer/beginning of fall when the air begins to turn cool in the south. Just like some of our other superheroes, she would love to be able to fly!

Favorite food: Desserts!

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