Hey, I'm Julie Shipp
COO, Partner

"You are only as mentally tough as your life demands you to be. An easy life fashions a mind that can only handle ease. A challenging life builds a mind that can handle challenge. Like a muscle that atrophies without use, mental strength fades unless it is tested. When life doesn't challenge you, challenge yourself." James Clear

Seer of hearts, and a fierce lover of her people.

Julie Shipp is a Partner and the Integrator/COO of the firm. After attending Auburn University and receiving a Bachelors in Accounting, she worked in large corporations’ accounting departments early in her career. Then she transitioned into being deeply immersed in caring for her family, educating kids, and learning more through that process than she could imagine, and certainly learning more than she was ever teaching anyone else. This has been true also for the past 10 years as she has learned more than she ever thought possible while building and growing the firm and the Thriveal CPA Network also led and owned by she and Jason.

As our team will attest, she is a deep lover of her people, the firm, and those we serve. She leads the daily operations, team building, and overall movement of the firm. She leads the HR and Finance divisions of the firm, as well, while teaching, coaching, and consulting with Jason.

She is a sacrificial leader, and makes sure everyone’s life is improved and made better where she is involved. She vets all visions and purpose leadership with Jason, along with the development of the firm’s Intellectual Property, courses, and events.

Her love and challenge is one in the same: building and growing the firm, while developing team in an ever changing world and economy. To our amazing clients, “Welcome to the best thing to ever happen to your business!”

She lives in Greenville, SC with her husband. Though their family has lived a lot of places over the years, Greenville has become HOME in the post-kid era. Julie loves the journey she is on, the One who created it, and the people and relationships that are in it. You’ll find her traveling, cooking, seeing the fam, and reading many books on many topics to aid her in personal growth, leadership, and the deep care of those around her. She is best described as sensitivity matched with strength and resilience, insatiable in her quest for knowledge of the mind, body, and most importantly, the soul.

Her morning coffee is most enjoyed when super fresh and super hot. While a glass of evening wine is a citrusy NZ, sauvignon blanc. Her tastes in movies and music are broadly eclectic (but any movie with Tom Hanks will do!). She can best enjoy her favorite wine with her 'dream meal' of fresh steamed lobster and veggies, and she loves decorating with ‘punkin babies’ in the fall, her favs season.

Favorite band: impossible to choose

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