Hey, I'm Lauren Day
Strategic Operations Coordinator

"His mercies are made new each day."

Exuberant, sharp, and ready to serve.

Lauren Day is the firm's Strategic Operations Coordinator. She has her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from North Greenville University and has worked in mortgage service in the foreclosure department for a local mortgage servicing company.

She really (actually!) loves the challenge of time management, and figuring out how she can fit all she needs to accomplish into hers and the team's schedules. This is a game and she is the game guru. She loves meeting new people and communicating with her team (whether in person or over Zoom!). And she greets new clients with ``Hi! I am Lauren Day and we are going to have fun working alongside one another!`` And it shows with the clients - she is the face and voice they see most often when working alongside the team daily to meet, serve, schedule appointments, move programs forward, send and sign contracts, and keep the internal Ops humming.

Lauren lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and baby, and their doggie. She enjoys working out and playing golf (she played collegiately in college) with her family. After a few cups of coffee in the morning, it's a switch to Diet Coke to keep her humming. She loves a nice steak dinner and the choice of being invisible if she could choose any super power (then she could take your steak and you wouldn't know!). She loves playing the smooth voice of Luke Combs in the Fall in the south.

Favorite movie: Devil Wears Prada

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