Hi, I'm Mariela Reiss, CPA
Financial Services Manager

"Fall down seven times, get up eight."
Japanese proverb

Servant-hearted, and the warm fuzzy hug of the firm.

Mariela Reiss, CPA, is our Financial Services Manager and serves as our firm’s Controller too. In the last 15 years, she has worked in public accounting for several small CPA firms primarily in tax. She serves our team in tax leadership, review, and how to lead in the technical areas of tax with clients. She graduated from San Francisco State University, with a BS in Business Administration - Accounting degree.

She makes the firm a softer gentler place to belong and serve. She loves the team she gets to work with each day, and she is always eager to jump in a tax meeting with a client and team member (with her Wonder Woman cape in tow!). She also loves that no two workdays in the firm are exactly alike. When a new client comes in the firm, she is eager to say “Welcome to Blumer! We can take care of that for you!”

She lives in Chicago and loves her husband John, her cat, and all of the lovely people in her life. She is always trying to find the balance between getting work done each day and also taking care of the rest of her life. She does this by enjoying cooking, gardening when it's not winter in Chicago, and watching home renovation shows. Her 1 - 3 cups of coffee every day make sure she stays on point. She’s a Lord of the Rings fan, jams to Journey, and loves Spring weather. If she could pull it off, she would love the ability to turn back time.

Favorite food: Pizza. Or anything covered in cheese, really. Also, chocolate.

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