Hey, I'm Stephanie Kuchle, CPA
Senior PM & Team Advisor

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.” Winston Churchill

Assured wisdom and experience

Stephanie Kuchle, CPA, is our Senior PM & Team Advisor and leads our team in upholding an excellent reputation of deep client service. She has been at the firm for close to 15 years, and traveled through almost every single technical role we have. Before that she was an Audit Manager at a large regional CPA firm. She graduated from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, with her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

She is our go-to for service and know-how. Not only does she love leading the team, she also loves to help clients develop processes for growth & accountability. She can help the team knock down any barrier they encounter during our service on recurring contracts or complex scoped projects. She tackles big challenges like developing processes to streamline the accounting function for clients while simultaneously seeking to step back objectively to ask the team and clients great questions to coach them. Clients and team alike know Steph is “here to help!” when we onboard them into the firm.

She lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and 3 growing kids. A favorite family past time is camping and long trips to see the extended family in Michigan. She is a purveyor of fine chicken fajitas and Mexican Coca Cola. She loves God, and enjoys campfires and the beach with her family. She’s a fan of the movie Elf, jams to Mercy Me, and loves the Fall. If she could pull it off, she would leap tall buildings in a single bound. She hits the gym after dropping off the kids at school and downing her 1 - 3 cups of coffee each day (busy Mom CPA!).

Favorite exercise: Mowing the yard.

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