Hey, I'm Amy Hall
Marketing Coordinator & Operations Support

"What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while."
Gretchen Rubin

A breath of fresh air and hope-filled attitude

Amy Hall is the firm’s Marketing Coordinator & Operations Support. Amy has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Covenant College and has led project management in multiple industries from large real estate companies to creative agencies. The common theme in all of her work has been to bring a sense of order to the chaos of entrepreneurial businesses.

Amy is a true creative, making all of the firm’s beautiful and compelling imagery, social media posts, along with the written explanation of what we do as a firm for the world to read. She is a crucial part of the operations and marketing engines of our firm, and she spends hours in the creative side of her mind on colors, fonts, and symmetry so that the soul of Blumer CPAs is represented everywhere we are experienced visually. Overcoming the challenges of planning our marketing into the unknown future, she seeks the work balance of maintaining the flexibility necessary for operational and marketing ebbs and flows. Her 1 - 3 cups of coffee help her maintain creativity & work balance in it’s many forms.

She lives in Greenville, SC, with her 3 kids and enjoys special times with them mountain biking, painting with watercolors, and trying to catch up on the stacks and stacks of books overtaking her bedside table. You may find her drinking a Hazy IPA, watching her favorite flick, Tombstone, or jamming to Old Crow Medicine Show as she enjoys the transition into Spring, her favorite season. Similar to many team members, she would be into teleportation if she could pull it off.

Favorite food: Cheese, in any and all forms

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