5 Building Blocks of Operating a Corporation: Part 1

5 Building Blocks, Video 1 from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Hey, Hey, Jason Blumer here with Blumer CPAs, and we’re starting a new series on our blog about what you see on the screen, which is Five Building Blocks of Operating a Corporation. And this is something we do a lot with creative agencies, any kind of creative company where they’re growing. And as companies grow, they need more structure, and so specifically, a lot of the ways we use this deck is actually to teach our clients how a lot of changes we’re going to make in their corporate structure actually create a lot of tax savings for them. So that’s how we use this debt, but I wanted to make a blog series to show you some of the things we do. And before we dive into a lot of other things in this slide deck, there’s a number of slides, I want to just talk about the title of this slide, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. And you do see five steps towards corporate structure. We have five different ways to look at moving towards a corporate structure.

But here’s one main point I want to make about growth, creative growth, and that is, when you’re moving into different sizes of revenue and team size, you need more structure. That’s just how that works. We’ve studied growth a long time for services companies and so there’s a sense of, what’s going to take you to that next level? That’s why you see levels here on the screen, but what’s going to take you to that next level of growth is not what got you to this same level. So the habits and the baggage and the ways you acted and performed when you had two people on your team is not the way you can act and perform when you have 15. It actually won’t work. You can’t scale and grow, and so a lot of growth ceilings and walls that creative agency owners run into is when they keep acting the same way at a different size structure.

And that’s what we do, we help identify some of those growth ceilings and what’s happening and if there’s an efficient production of revenue through the company. So we’re going to dive into some other parts to that in another video, but we just want to highlight in this title, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, in your growth. So keep that in mind and watch our blog so you can find out the other videos in this series and we hope it helps you. And just contact us at [email protected] if you want to find out more about how you can use your structure to produce more profit in your agency. Thanks so much. We’ll see you.

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