An Explanation of Our Discovery Process For New Clients

Our Discovery Process (aka The Financial Wellness Checkup That You Didn’t Know Your Business Needed) 

Have you ever wondered if your business was humming along at optimal condition? Or whether the financial health of your business was more like that of a star athlete…or the average Joe?

Well, there is a way to tell what level the financial health of your business is at. It involves a deep-dive into your systems by an objective outsider with the expertise and skill to examine your business quickly and thoroughly, and then give you a detailed report that guides you through the changes you need to make.

In short, it involves something we at Blumer like to call our Discovery process. 

Why is a “Discovery” process necessary in the first place?

We created this Discovery process because as advisors, we are experts at knowing what our clients need, and quite often we have found that what they need is for us to perform a wellness check for them.

Clients often come to us with some idea of whether they are profitable or not. But they don’t necessarily know if they have any areas of weakness in their financial reporting, in their accounting and payroll processes, in their organization structure, or in their tax returns. That’s not their area of expertise. But it is *our* area of expertise, and we have the ability to take a big picture look at their business and pinpoint areas that need to be improved.

We have also noticed, with new clients, that if we jumped right into recurring monthly services with them, we would sometimes run into stumbling blocks caused by these areas of weakness. When we have to correct something that isn’t accurate, efficient or helpful, it just slows down our normal service to clients and creates frustration all around that could have been easily avoided by giving their business a “health exam” ahead of time.

So we developed the service we call Discovery.

Discovery is basically the financial wellness checkup that you didn’t know your business needed…in which we will tell you what you don’t know about your business.

So what do we do in Discovery?

The name “Discovery” is very apt for our service, because it involves a speedy but detailed getting-to-know-you process.

We do a deep-dive with you into all financial aspects of your business. We do this by conducting a detailed interview with you to understand your business at a high level. And then we do a follow-up examination of your accounting systems and documents.

We “discover” the aspects of your business that may be affecting its financial systems, from accounting to payroll to taxes. Then we report back to you all of the things we have uncovered about the financial health of your business.

What do you get out of our Discovery Process?

Once we have completed our information-gathering, we present our clients with a special Discovery report. We present our green-yellow-and-red report, which highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly about the financial health of your business. 

We tell you the things you are doing great and can keep doing (that’s a green light).

We tell you the things we suggest changing, but which aren’t necessarily urgent (that’s yellow).

And we tell you the things we highly recommend you change, which will cause continued “unhealth” in your business if not addressed (that’s a red light). 

And we will give you our recommendations for how  to fix the items that fall into the yellow and red categories, along with the knowledge that if you engage us for continued recurring service, we will be right there with you to assist in making the changes needed to get the financial health of your business back on the right track.

We always find something to help our clients get their businesses healthier financially. And this initial diagnosis ensures that our actual monthly recurring service to you is top notch once we begin.

That is our Discovery process. And it is just one of the ways we at Blumer make sure we serve you well. 

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