How to Do Strategic Planning: Part 2 of 4

How to Do Strategic Planning, Part 2 of 4 from Thriveal CPA Network on Vimeo.


Here we are in part two of four videos on strategic planning season. November and December are strategic planning seasons for entrepreneurs. So you should be planning, you should be doing strategic planning. Go see video one about what the heck strategic planning even means.

So here we are in part two. In part one, I shared that we did a brain dump of our ideas, my partner and I. Here we are in part two, and in part two, this is the strategic part. What we do is we go through the whole brain dump, all the sticky note papers all over our conference room walls, and we assign priorities of when we want to get these things done, by a month and a year, of course.

Now, sometimes the year for us pushed out into 2022. Now, here’s the cool thing about strategic planning. When you have a brain dump of all the papers you’re working with and you start prioritizing things, right, you’re thinking you’re going to be prioritizing 2021. Well, as you do it, and as you have conversations, either with yourself, your coach or your partner, you find out, you’re like, “Wait, we can’t do this. We can’t do all this.” And what you do is you start eliminating, and on the fly. Now you’re into a huge part of the strategy of strategic planning. You can do this for your business, for your family. You can do it, really, for anything where you’re trying to be more efficient and more successful.

So as my partner and I were talking, we started labeling some of these things 2022. We were pushing them out two years, which was really cool, right? What it’s doing is it’s really helping us focus, and so now we’re saying, “No”, or we’re saying, “Later”, to a lot of things. Then, as we’re assigning months and year, like January 2021, July 2021, we’re starting to prioritize our strategy. Now it’s starting to come alive.

And again, we’re still working on this big list of sticky note paper all over our conference room. But in this second part video is when the strategy really gets serious. You should hear the conversations we’re having. They’re really strategic, sometimes we don’t agree, sometimes we’re fighting for a certain position of something we think is more of a priority. But since we care about each other, we come to a consensus as to what we think is the thing we can accomplish. I’m going to be more objective to the things she wants to do, she’s going to be more objective to the things I want to do, and we’re going to hear each other, and the best strategy comes out of that.

So keep watching for the other videos on how to do strategic planning.

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