Our New Agency Community


Jason Blumer here with Blumer CPAs. During the pandemic, we’ve noticed something, that there’s been a lot of communities being started, that is gatherings of people that want to come together with a common purpose. And you know what? We’re starting one too. For creative agency owners, we are having a private community where they’re going to come together and be able to learn and grow together. But ours is different. So we’ve been running communities. We actually have another company where my partner has been and I have been running a community for over a decade. So we have done a lot of work in community building. One thing that really makes communities successful is when they come in with a common sense of learning.

So there’s a particular type of education that we will bring agency owners into as we go through what we’re calling an Agency Prototype Masterclass, coming up in 2021. It’s going to be a monthly group where people go through an education of masterminding together, curriculum, homework, and a lot of teaching about growth structures that we’ve created that help services companies be sustainable. So inside of that learning, they’re going to come in and have their own community to talk about the common purpose, the common education, that learning. And so we’re not a community that invites anybody. So the best communities have a common purpose of education and learning. They have the same goals. When you do that, you have a community of like-minded people, and that’s a key to actually building a strong community.

Our community also is not free. So we don’t run free communities. Free communities have wide open doors, and so anybody can come in and you really never know who’s going to come in. But what really strengthens a community is when you have a common purpose and people are committed to be in there. So if you’re an agency owner and you’re interested in coming into this very small community where we’re going to coach and lead these agency owners through the agency prototype model for growth, this is something we created in our consulting, then we invite you to do that. We’re going to include a link where you can sign up and read more about it and see the pricing. We would love for you to join us. Or, hit us up at info@blumercpas if you have any more questions. Thanks so much. We’ll see you.

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