Specificity in Coaching Conversations

Specificity in Coaching Conversations from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.

We work with service-based digital agency owners all over the US and we’re helping them coach through leadership, how to run their companies better, how to lead teams, how to scope price with clients, all kinds of things, anything we run into in coaching. And as a coach, what we want to do is help that owner understand themselves better. And one way to do that is with specifics. You want to be real specific that that owner can understand themselves better. So when we ask questions as a coach, we often ask them to answer in a specific way, and the way we do that is with numbers. And it’s a weird way to talk, it really feels odd the first time you do it, which we warn our clients when we get into coaching, hey, this is an odd form of conversation. It’s meant to learn a lot and move you forward very quickly.

So one thing, the one way we use numbers is we say on a scale from one to ten, or I like to say one to seven, which people know that about me, that I do coach with. I love to use the numbers one to seven, but we have them grade themselves. So we say on a scale from one to seven, how would you rate your leadership skills with one being you’re a terrible leader, seven being you’re the greatest leader of all time. And we put these extremes on the ends of these number scales, and then they can pick where they are. And if they say five, they’ve just learned something more about themselves as to what they believe about their leadership style. And when we’ve heard that specificity from them, we can then follow up with more questions.

We can say, why did you choose a five or what would it take to move to a six? Sometimes we ask them to answer on behalf of somebody else. So that’s a whole nother brain function when they step into the mind and the perspective of another person empathetically, and they grade themselves as a leader on behalf of their team or on behalf of their clients. These kinds of ways are really just tips and tricks to help a leader, somebody that’s running a company, just dig through their brain, learn more about themselves. And what comes out are things that allow them to be more aware, and that allow you to lead them to become better leaders. So if you need this kind of coaching or help, that’s what we do. We do consulting, coaching and we lead the financial aspects of all of the agencies we work with. So hit us up at info@blumercpas, and we’ll help you too. Thanks so much. Take care.

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