Word of the Day: Commitment

Word of the Day: Commitment from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


I want to talk to you in Word of the Day today about a big word, it’s about an article I wrote not along ago about my partner and I, Julie, we’re going to commit to running a firm forever. That’s a forever commitment. So, the word of the day is commitment. That’s a long word, so I’ve got to lean over to show you commitment.

Commitment is a scary word to some people, but for an entrepreneur, it can be the thing that really changes your mindset and how you build your company, making that deeper level commitment to doing what you do for the rest of your life. If you’ve found that place in your career, that’s what you commit to to the rest of your life. I’m almost 50, so maybe I can make that call. Maybe can I make that commitment. Where if you’re watching, you maybe cannot make that commitment just yet. But when you do, go hard into that commitment, because that’s the thing that will actually bring you the strength to build this great enterprise, this great organization that sometimes you can’t have had you not made the commitment.

And so if you’re struggling with commitment, you can actually reach out to our firm. We do coaching and consulting to help people through the struggles of commitment around growth, and growing a business, committing to team and service. These things take a pretty deep commitment. So, if that’s something you need, you can reach out to us. You’ll find us on our website, email us, and we maybe can help you commit to a long term purpose to building your agency, your creative company in ways that can be life changing for you. Reach out, let us know how to help. We’ll see you.

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