Word of the Day: Sowing

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Welcome to Word of The Day where we pick a day and we talk about how this word strategically can relate to you running a creative services business, and sometimes the words are unusual and this one is sowing. You’ve heard the principal sowing and reaping and that’s a farmer term, right? If you’ve ever planted anything, you know kind of what that means, because when you plant a seed, the plant doesn’t pop up immediately right out of the ground, which you have to do is wait. Time is involved in sowing and not only time but nurturing. You got to make sure the soil is right for the seed. You got to make sure it has enough sun, it has enough water, sowing is a big part of what comes later, reaping.

I think what we want is the reaping. We want the reaping, we want the good stuff, we want the fruit. But you know what? You can’t have it. You can’t have fruit unless you do the sowing and you can’t have any of that unless you do the time. And you can’t have any of it unless you do the nurturing. And if you’re in a creative services business, you’re in a human centered business and sowing and reaping is a huge principle that you’re going to have to just embrace and deal with. Let’s say you have a team member, they’re green, they’re new, they don’t understand some of your processes. Sometimes I don’t want to commit the time it takes to train them, but if you commit that time now and next week and next month and the next five years, then they become this blossomed person having grown up in your firm, into this amazing person that can serve your clients well.

I’m not saying you don’t get rid of people that aren’t right for your company. I’m just saying the right people you want to commit to sowing into their life. And that’s really a human principle. We say that a lot in these Word of The Day videos. A lot of the things it takes to run a creative services business are really, they’re just human related things that we all have as humans in our lives. And in creative services business, a human serving a human has to deal with the way humans work. And you know what? Humans grow, they mature, they get better over time, and there’s a fighting the frustration of the patience you have to have of watching them grow. And that’s this principle of sowing into their life is committing investment now for the hope of a reap later.

And that is so difficult, to want the later, to see the later, to keep your eye on that later principle. But you know what? You have to, if you want to keep a healthy, sustainable business, you have to know that what you’re doing now, you’re going to see the fruit later. Just know a principle to building and growing your company is a sowing principle. And there’s two things we said about that sowing, There’s the nurturing, so you have to do stuff while you’re sowing. You have to nurture a water, give sun, and probably for team that’s training, care, talk to, guide, lead, those kinds of things. That’s a sowing. The other one’s time. There’s waiting, there’s a patience period to what you’re going to reap later. You know what, yo, it’s worth it. It’s worth it. Don’t give up. It’s worth it.

What you’re working through now and not seeing, it’s worth it for what you’re walking towards. Make sure you’re sowing has a right perspective on the future where you’re going to see the reaping, which is what you want, and it’s what you’re going to get. And it’s hard to balance all that and keep that in mind, so if you struggle with that, we do coaching, we do consulting where we help creative services, owners invest in people, invest in time, work through the financial, the structural, the growth issues, all the things it requires to make sure you do truly reap from the sowing you’re doing. My partner and I do that, so hit us up and we’ll help you. And thanks for watching The Word of The Day. We’ll see you. Bye-bye.

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