Consultants Disarm Unwilling Entrepreneurs

Consultants Disarm Unwilling Entrepreneurs from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


You know that consultants can disarm the power of an unwilling client or owner in the related consulting relationship. So let me say again, what that means. A consultant can approach a client and disarm them if they’re trying to fight back and not let change happen in their lives. So basically what happens in a consulting relationship. And again, my partner and I do a lot of consulting. So in a consulting relationship, you enter into this… It’s a different relationship. It’s very deep, you go slow and methodical into entering into that engagement. You got to make sure both parties are ready. And when you do, the consultant, if they’re trusted and we always enter into relationships with our clients in very trusted places. Because our heart and desire is to see our clients grow and change. So we enter into those relationships with a lot of power, a lot of authority. That is the client’s giving that authority to us. They’re ready to be changed. They’re saying lead us.

And of course we take that seriously. We spend weeks and weeks, and hours and hours studying for a retreat, studying for a consulting engagement with a client and spending hours preparing agendas and exercises and things like that. So what we do is we walk in and we lead. So when somebody is leading, it means they’re in authority in some way. And so what happens is our authority dismantles the ownership or the unwilling nature of a client to change. We can dismantle that or disarm it. And since they trust us, we can call them very deeply into some kind of change that, really, they’re ready for, already, because they got into the relationship with us. They’re already ready for it. But consulting brings them face to face with themselves.

There’s some kind of issue they’re having in their agency or company. And we press on that. That’s a bruise and we press on that a little bit in the consulting because we want to get that thing out of their life. We want to get that wrong belief, that wrong behavior out of their life. And so it’s really cool. Consultants can disarm this unwilling owner that wants to fight back from the places that they’re fearful, because we were all fearful. And we can then help them. So what we do is we disarm a lot of those presenting issues that we find in a client’s lives. And then we can start really tackling those root problems. And those root problems if we can tackle those, they can start winning, man. They can start changing their behavior, their beliefs, they can start really picking up the pace in their growth and we can help them to enjoy their companies more and enjoy being an entrepreneur more.

So it’s just wild to sit there and feel the weight of what we have, the power we have as consultants to disarm the power and the authority that that client wants to come in with. And they freely let us lead them because they know we deeply care for them. Because we’ve gone through an onboarding process to let them know what we do and why we do it. So it’s super exciting to do this work. It’s very emotionally draining for us and for the client. So we all go through this journey together. But it really elicits great amounts of change. So if you’re interested in this kind of consulting, we take misordered built, creative companies and we kind of straighten them out. And we spend a year or two with our clients and walk them through the process of figuring out how to get around some of their barriers.

And a lot of these are growth barriers. They’re barriers to their growth. And if that’s something you need or want coaching, consulting, you need to reach out at info@blumercpas. And that’s something we do for a living, and we’re really good at it. And we really enjoy it. And we’ll care for you through that process too. So we welcome you to let us do that for you in 2021. If that’s what you’re ready for. We’re going to go through a relationship building phase to make sure you are, but then we’re going to come in with authority, disarm, maybe the ways you may fight us and really walk you to a place that’s going to get you to newer places of growth, enjoyment, and profitability. So hit us up, [email protected], We’ll be glad to help you. Take care, we’ll see you.

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