Word of the Day: Agendas

Word of the Day: Agendas from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


This might be a funny word of the day. Today’s word of the day is agendas. Do you know how strategic agendas are? That’s just one trick we use to bring clarity to this knowledge work that we do. We help our team realize that if you prepare an agenda before a meeting, which our team has to prepare agendas before a meeting, the very thought of going through an agenda is a strategic behavior. It orders and categorizes and prioritizes things you’re going to talk about a client with. And so your meetings are much more effective when you walk in having planned the agenda. Sometimes the agenda you go through is not as important as what you did to create that agenda.

And another little tip with agendas is, when you go into a meeting and a person hands out agenda, that’s a statement to everybody in the room that, “Hey, I’m the leader of the meeting and so let me lead.” And that’s what we want to do in our firm. We want to lead our clients and care for them. So handing out an agenda is a way to make a clear statement that we’re leading this meeting. And so, we bring the clarity. And it is a kind, loving way to lead teams and clients is to lead with clarity. And agendas are one way to not walk into a meeting hot and bothered, nobody knowing what’s going on, nobody knowing the goal or anything. Just rolling into a meeting. Everybody has different perceptions, but an agenda can kind of cut through that. Bring clarity, bring order, bring a purpose to the meeting. And the meetings just go better when you do things like that.

So that’s a tip to work in clarity in creative service work. And if you get confused about stuff in your work, we help bring clarity to businesses. That’s what we do through coaching, consulting, and the financial packages we do with creative agencies. So hit us up. You can even email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you any way we can to bring clarity to your business and your growth. Thanks so much. We’ll see ya.

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