Immature Passions Stunt Growth

Immature Passions Stunt Growth from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


We’re going to talk about your immature passions. And I got to tell you a story. I love rock and roll documentaries. So I love to watch the story behind these rock and roll bands, right? And how they grow together and how they break apart. Many bands break apart. That’s just very common. But there are some bands, like Metallica, Aerosmith, Rush. These bands stay together 30 and 40 years; it’s crazy. And I love to see why and of course there’s a lot of psychology to it. But when you have these passionate people in these rock bands, their immaturity, because if they’ve been running bands for 30 and 40 years, they started them when they were sometimes in their teens or when they were in their early twenties, when you’re really immature. Because you are immature in your early twenties and in your teenage years, there’s just not a lot you’ve gone through. And so your passions make you make a lot of wrong decisions.

So this video is about your immature passions can stunt your growth in a company too. Especially in a partnership. You can get into a partnership and you start fighting with your partner or there’s some immaturity, you want to lead, or they want to lead over you and you wanted to make that decision. And when you quit your partnership based upon those immature passions, you lose the power that partnership brings. And so many bands can’t do it. Their egos get in the way and through their immaturity, they just don’t push through a lot of the hard things. But those other bands, even Whitesnake, Rush, Metallica, all these bands I follow. Of course, from the eighties, which is when I grew up. They made it and if you listen to the documentaries, they had some major fights, major blowouts, but what they did is they stayed together. They stuck it out. And on the other side of sticking it out is the green grass you’re looking for. It’s on the other side of that.

If you leave with your immature passions in the middle of something, there’s something you get for that, which is you don’t get to grow. But if you stick it out in fighting through a partnership and the relationship that that brings, what you’re going to do is you’re going to see the ability to grow in ways others don’t get to. Because few will commit to the relationship it takes to be in a partnership, which allows you to grow in ways you can’t grow on your own. So, don’t let your immature passions keep you from some greater future that you can’t have all by yourself. You have to have it with another person, if you want to be a certain size.

So growth really can be done really well within partnership, but watch your immature passions and your egos. They will get in the way and they will stunt your ability to grow. But if you can push through those relational bumps you’re going to run into, and you will, you get an amazing growth on that other side. It’s pretty phenomenal. I get that with my partner and I’m thankful and we’ve pushed through and fought through some major battles, but it’s made us better and it’s matured us through the process and now we get to grow. If you need help with these growth issues, partnership, just reach out, [email protected]. That is our email address. We’ll be glad to coach you and consult with you through your partnership issues too. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you.

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