Reading Your Market

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If you have watched our prototype components model for growth videos, these are the videos that talk about how there’s a service side and a market side to a creative company. And the market side informs the service side. Service is the inside of your company where operations happen. Market is what you’re selling into. And this video is about reading your market and it’s something you have to do. You have to understand what your market’s doing. The way my partner and I do that is we’re on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and we’re seeing the messages from the market that we serve, what they’re saying, what they’re hearing. We also have a podcast where we interview agency owners. So we’re always hearing what do they think about the market? What are they seeing? What are they saying about how their market is changing? And my partner loads up things she wants to listen to and read and that’s, in a sense, ways that she’s hearing the market.

And it’s really important that you’re always reading the market. So you can get so focused on one side or the other, you could be all market focused and all you do is spend time selling, reading things. And then the service side, the company, the operations, they struggle. Or you could be such an operations, internal company, get the work done person that you forget there’s a market informing how you should be running your company. And so I just want to throw out there it’s important that you read your market, look at your market, listen to your market.

Another way you can do that is selling constantly into your market. And we would say not only selling what clients ask for, but selling things that they didn’t ask for. So if they say, “Build me a website,” you try to sell them something else. You’re trying to, in addition to a website, you’re trying to figure out what does your market think? What does it want to buy? What will it not buy? These are really important things. And you’re going to mature as a company owner if you’re always reading the market. And if you need help reading your market, come to our firm. We’ll help you do that. We coach and consult with agency owners. So hit us up at or [email protected] is our email address. So we look forward to talking to you. We’ll see you.

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