Win with Recurring Lead Gen

Win with Recurring Lead Gen from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Lead gen, this is something that my partner and I have been discussing lately. And lead gen is hard, generating leads, business development, these kind of things. And we are learning hardcore, especially in a pandemic, lead gen is all about rhythms. It is all about getting blocks on your calendar and just doing stuff over and over, just hitting the market over and over. And especially in creative services, what we’re doing is we’re building trust a lot. So we’re just contacting with one person at a time. That’s how we do that big project work with those big creative clients is we just hit one client at a time just building trust, so it takes a lot of time.

So the way to be successful at lead gen is just to attack it with rhythms on a calendar over and over. It’s going to take you a good six to eight months to get into a rhythm where you start seeing feedback and interest from your market as you just reach out to people one at a time. So we just wanted to mention that’s something we’re going through, especially in the pandemic, with a little bit of fear going on in our market you’re trying to sell through fear. Trust is even more important than it ever used to be. And it’s always been an important foundational part of a selling and creative services. So with fear in a market, it’s even more important.

So you got to just do a lot more buildings. So the sell cycles are longer, the trust build time is much longer. So make sure you have recurring calendar appointments on your calendar, so you can do lead gen on an ongoing basis, so that you don’t get in trouble when the pandemic leaves us and we’re able to actually enter into a better market of selling. You want to be healthy and ready with those rhythms. And if you need help with that, you can contact us at info@blumercpas. And we do coaching around those things, and we would be glad to help you. Thanks so much. I hope that’s helpful.

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