Visual Onboarding Timelines

Visual Onboarding Timelines from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Hey, Hey, we do some big projects with some big clients in our firm. And there’s so many parts, so many moving parts, and so many people that we always do a kickoff. That begins our relationship with our client. One thing not long ago that we’ve started doing is, we’ve started adding visual timelines to our kickoff. And the reason we do that is because of client feedback we’ve heard. We do so many things, and we get so embedded in our client’s world and their work, that they keep wondering, “When’s that part starting, or when did that end, or when am I looking forward to this?” So there’s some kind of feeling of expectation or wondering. And what we want to do is bring clarity to our client. That brings a lot of value to a client when you bring them clarity.

And so we want to tell them upfront, this is when this person will begin this project. It’s when it may stop here. And when this other person will begin another project. And so, it’s like a visual timeline, kind of like a Gantt chart, swim lanes, you might call it, where we have visual colored bars that show when various projects and various people begin at different phases. And that prediction or that plan is something that our team internally has to spend hours figuring out because this whole roll-in of the project over the next six months has to be displayed in the kickoff.

And so, that’s just one thing that we can do to bring a lot of value to clients in the services world. As you’re serving people, as you’re serving creative clients, you want to give them clarity and take away any wondering in their mind. You want to solidify and create really solid plans that they can count on. And by doing that, you’ll be leading them, and they’ll follow you in your leadership. If you can visually tell them with timelines, when things start, when things end, milestone changes, people changes coming in and out of their project. All of these things will really change them. So, I hope that helps you bring more value and more clarity to your clients. Thanks so much. Take care.

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