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It is Word of the Day. At Blumer CPAs, we want to give you some strategy around running your creative agency better, so we pick a word and we talk about it. Today’s word is ‘choices,’ and choices, basically, decisions and choices they’re hard to go through, and they’re something leaders have to do all the time, they’re always making and picking between different types of choices. We just want you to know that there can be something called ‘choice fatigue.’ There could be so many choices coming at you all the time that it can really overwhelm you.

For example, have you gone to Target to get a box of water, and you come out with a whole lot of things you don’t need any more? Basically, you’re being bombarded with thousands and thousands of choices when you go into that store, and you know that the checkout aisles, they’re worse than they have ever been. I remember 15, 20 years ago the aisles were not places where they would sell things, and so now they are and so we are being bombarded with choices and we’re having to always decide do we want that or do we not?

You can undergo fatigue when you have to go through all these choices in your business, and so leaders of agencies have to do that too. Some of there’s are really big like firing somebody, hiring somebody, what to price this client. What you can do is undergo that fatigue, so there’s strategy around offsetting that fatigue, and some of those are eliminating some of your choices, cut choices out if you can. Things that are not big or not life-changing get rid of those choices. Or, choices that you shouldn’t be making delegate those to team and teach them and train them the strategy around that choice, but delegate needing to make choices.

Another strategy is to insert time into your choice, so if you’ve got an urgency around a choice you’re potentially not going to make that choice well because brains under stress they tend to be impulsive, and so they’ll pick things that they shouldn’t because of the impulsivity of the brain and how it works under stress. Insert some time into a choice. Don’t make it yet, if it’s a big one put it off if you can, if it’s not urgent, and that can save you some of the strategy around choices. Then, you can think more clearly and run your creative agency better.

I hope those thoughts around choices help. If you think we can help you more we coach with agencies, we consult with them, we help them make better decisions around running their agency, so reach out info@blumercpas and we’ll be glad to help you too. We’ll see you.

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