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It is Word of the Day to teach strategically using one word some things that will help you run your business better. I was reading an article not long ago that talked about what the brain does in the face of stressful, urgent decisions that need to be made, and you know what the brain does? It goes polar. It goes polar. It goes to extremes, and that’s something you want to avoid.

This article talked through the fact that the brain automatically responds impulsively under stress so if you’ve got situations that are urgent that are creating impulsivity in what you’re trying to figure out just know that you may go polar. You’ll go to extremes. One example is you’re stressed out. You know you’re growing and you have to move to a new role so what you do is you delegate work, right?

And so when you delegate you delegate all of that work, and somebody does it, and if you don’t train them well they don’t do it like you would do it, and then you’re like “Screw it. You know what? I’ll take it back.” Those are polar decisions, right? Either delegate it all or don’t delegate any of it and so when we go polar what this article said is we automatically eliminate many, many optimal options for the choice that we’re trying to make.

Let me explain that. When you go polar, you go to extremes. You either do this, or you do this when really the extremes are typically not where the answers are to the questions you’re pursuing. The answers you’re looking for they’re not in the extremes. There’s probably a mix somewhere in between, and so when you’ve gone polar, you’ve cut out all of these options, these variations of the choices that you’re trying to make.

And so, just know that when you’re in an impulsive situation, and it’s urgent, and you’re stressed, just know your brain is going to probably default to a polar mentality and scrap it all, take it all, delegate it all, control it all, and you’ll do this, and so having other people in your life that can help balance this polarity in your decisions can really help you open up the realm of options to you and make better decisions.

Now, we coach and consult with agencies and help them figure this stuff out all the time when they’re running their agency so if you need us you can email us at info@blumercpas and we’ll help you work on this balance around polarity. I know I need it and my partner helps me with it, and you may need it too, and we can help you. Thanks for watching Word of the Day. We’ll see ya.

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