Word of the Day: Roles

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It is Word of the Day, where we teach a strategic concept to help you run your agency or your creative service business better. And we use a word, and today’s word is roles. Roles are, they’re like a definition of who you are in a company. And it’s so important to define roles. So job descriptions are one way to define roles. Job titles, that’s another way to define roles. A job title is basically a summary of a job description, right? But the job title is more of the branding of the job description. So the job title that you give somebody is a statement to people around you and to the world that hey, this role, this position this person has stepped into is guided by this main core concept, which is whatever the title of the role is. And then that team member can dive deeper into their role in a job description.

And what this does is it creates clarity. It defines a lot of things, so it’s really important to give proper titles to define roles for your team, so that they can act on behalf of what the title and the role is meant to reflect to the world. Don’t skip over this important thing that you can give to your team. One other concept is that if you are running an agency, and you’re building this company based upon contractors, then none of this works. Because contractors are not team. They don’t have to be part of your culture, they don’t have to display some brand or represent you in some way. Contractors are only there to be paid to do stuff. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But you can’t scale and grow a company typically on that, because contractors don’t have the clarity of roles and job descriptions. They’re just a contractor. All they’re meant to do is stay in the background and do stuff.

So, don’t skip over the importance of defining and bringing clarity to your team through definitions of roles and titles. And if you are struggling to grow, that’s what we do. We help people grow, so you can reach out to us. [email protected]. And we’ll hook you up and help you grow, and help you gain clarity around growth. Because it can be complex and confusing. So reach out and let us know, we’d love to help you. Take care.

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