Word of the Day: Details

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It’s word of the day. We pick a word and we talk about the strategy around that word. And this word is details, and it’s amazing all of the great things embedded in details. So when you talk about planning, you’re looking to the future, you’re talking about how to make the future what you want it to be, and this big enormous plan is a wonderful thing. A lot of times we do that at the turn of a year, right? That’s just kind of where our minds go. But really where that plan is going to happen, the success of that plan is all going to be embedded in the details. And when I say details, I mean the day-to-day walking and battling, sometimes the mind, the distractions, the other things you want to go do. If you want to fulfill and win in the future, the details are where you’re going to win. That’s where you’re going to win.

And that’s a balance, right? That’s something you got to keep in mind in balance because you’ll make a great plan. It’s like, “All right, here’s my plan. I’m done. Right? I made my plan.” No. The execution of the plan will be done daily, moment by moment, day after day. You have to get up the next morning at 6:00 AM or whenever and go to work, and you’ll have to do a whole day’s worth of work that are very minuscule, small parts of this bigger plan. And so every day, let’s say you do that for 365 days a year. You go to work every day, you get up at six. You go to work every day and you do all of these little bitty details. You email a person, you create a proposal, you talk to a team member about how to do a piece of software better. You talk to a team member about saying, here’s how you need to be a team member in our firm.

You talk to a client that was a lead and they become a client, or you talk to a lead that doesn’t want to become a client after you give them a price. All these little details are you actually achieving the bigger plan. And it’s hard to do to balance those things. You know what, in our firm, my partner and I, Julie, we’ve had to figure out how to take a big strategic plan, break it up into smaller bites, and we call it strategic calendar work blocking. And it’s a pretty intimate way to manage the details that are part of a larger, broader strategy plan. If you need help with that, you can go to our website and hit that website link and see if we can help you. Or you can email us at [email protected], and we can help you take your big strategy plan and win in the details. Let us know how to do that. We’ll see you.

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