Word of the Day: Inefficiency

Word of the Day: Inefficiency from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Word of the day class. This word is a big word, fits on the screen, does it? It does. Inefficiency. Inefficiency is part of life. Now we’re all trying to be efficient. There ain’t nothing wrong with that, right? But sometimes client service, human to human care is really inefficient stuff. Keep that in mind. If you’re in a creative services business, you serve humans and you do it with humans on your team. It’s a whole bunch of humans, and anytime you have humans in your life, you’ve got a lot of friction, and there’s bound to be inefficiency. Why? Because humans get involved with each other. They get in relationships, they hurt each other, they make each other happy, or whatever they’re doing.

What that does is it creates a relationship, right, and relationships ain’t efficient. Relationships aren’t efficient. And you know what? They’re not meant to be efficient. Why? Because we’re not trying to get something done when we’re in a relationship, we’re trying to improve life, we’re trying to care for people, transform people. That’s not efficient stuff. Now doing work, tax returns, software, design, processes, try to make that stuff as efficient as you can. But when you bump into a human that is a team member in the hall, or your boss during a performance review, or a client during a pitch or a proposal, that stuff is slowing down stuff. That is inefficient stuff, that’s listening, that’s talking, that’s learning how to talk well, that’s learning how to ask great questions. That’s where you be inefficient. Be efficient in your work, but be inefficient in your human relationships. Then what’ll happen is you’ll start seeing people transform.

Of course, the most transformation will happen in your own life. It’ll happen in you. I’m speaking from experience, I’ve tried to make relationships efficient, and it doesn’t work. It’s very hurtful. But when you slow down, and you don’t work on efficiency, you work on relationships, then that’s when life changes start to happen and you become a stronger person, the person you’re meant to become.

We coach people through this stuff because it’s hard. My partner and I, Julie, we coach people through running a creative service company with humans serving humans, trying to transform people. Where do you be efficient? Where do you be inefficient? These are the things we can help balance in the lives of people. Hit us up at that website, or [email protected], and we’ll hook you up. Thanks so much. Happy new year.

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