Word of the Day: Perspective

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It’s Word Of The Day. This is class time people. We’re going to take a word and we’re going to talk about strategically how this can change you and your business and this word is perspective. Have you ever heard somebody say, hey, you need to travel the world. That’ll change your life, change how you do business. I’ve heard that all the time and actually my partner and I were meeting with somebody recently and they talked about some travels they had done to South Africa and how it really, the perspective of the things they learned was just amazing. It challenged them in certain ways to go through that experience. It was a different culture and that’s where we learn really who we are, what we’re made of, when we do things like travel. Well what it’s doing is it’s changing your lenses and that’s what perspective is. It’s switching out your lenses and if you can get a proper accurate lens or you can learn to change your lenses when it’s appropriate, you can view the world in a healthier way.

I know you’ve met some people sometimes when they have a perspective on their life and world where they struggle or they’re doing well, it could be good or bad, right? And then you can compare what they’re going through to your own perspective, whether you’re in a good or a bad place, and everybody is always balancing whether they’re in this high or low state, right? Well, it’s the change in perspective that can really help us have a healthier view of our world and what we’re going through. Right? We’ve all heard that. In the West, in this Western culture, we’re the richest culture in the world, but we don’t know it or we don’t think about it sometimes. Right? We bitch and moan and complain. That’s what we do. I do. That’s what I do.

But if I live in a third world country where I’m just struggling every day to find food, my perspective would change. Let’s say I went to the darkest, most poorest places in India, and I lived on the streets for two years. Let’s just say. Would I come back with a different perspective? Oh yeah. I may be grateful for a banana and a glass of water. Well, who’s grateful for a banana and a glass of water? Well, I’m rarely thankful for a glass of water and a banana. Why? It’s because my perspective is I can have that anytime I want, but the perspective of another lens makes me grateful for those things. And so the change in a perspective can really change us as people. And that’s why traveling does that. It just throws you into a culture you’re not used to and you start to go, oh wait, I’m not as bad off as I thought. Or you start to think about the most important things, right?

You stop worrying about your Instagram feed and you start going, okay, I need to take care of myself. That’s what I need to do in this country where I may not be safe or something like that. So a switch in a perspective, switching a lens in your world and in your life can really change how you run your life and what you worry about, and what you fear and those things. So I’m actually going to go through some travel pretty soon to a foreign country I’m a little nervous to go to, and it’s going to challenge me. It’s going to put me in situations that I’m ready to go through, I’m ready to learn from and I know I will. And it’s going to make me, already I know. I’m reading some stuff. It’s going to make me behave differently because of the place I’m going, which is really cool. I need that lens disruption. That’s what I need. Ooh, I like that phrase. Getting a new perspective is getting a lens disruption. Maybe that’ll go viral. So retweet this and that’ll go viral.

So I hope that change or that word of the day helps you with perspective and if you need more detailed help, we do that in our firm. We help agency owners, creative business owners change their perspective. We go into coaching sessions, challenge them and ask them, and sometimes there’s crying and there’s fighting and we go through these things because we’re all doing hard stuff and we need somebody to get in our face that cares about us. And ask us, is your perspective right? It may not be. So I hope that helps with some thoughts on perspective. Take care.

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