Word of the Day: Limitations

Word of the Day: Limitations from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Yo, yo. It is Word of the Day, and the word of the day today is limitations. I wrote this the other day. I said, “You can’t do everything, and you can’t be good at everything.” That was in a group of entrepreneurs we were leading. That basically means you’re limited in your time, which is the first part of that, you can’t do everything, and you’re limited in your abilities, which is the second part of that, you can’t be good at everything. But you know what people value? They value your attention. Actually, your limitations are what leads you to the thing that can be valuable. That’s actually true about life in general is too many scattered people focus on too many things. It means you don’t go deep enough into something for it to reflect this true value.

When you go deep into a hobby or something like that, you start to get really good at it, and people value something you’re really good at. Basically your limitations are the bridge to what you should be saying no to, which is the bridge to what is super valuable. Embrace your limitations and find out, well, if I can’t do everything, then what do you have to be good at? Saying no. The people who win are the people who learn how to say no. Yeses are easy, yeses automatically come, but the nos are where you win. If you’re going to do some strategy planning or something, make a whole big list of stuff and figure out what you’re supposed to say no to. Doing that is going to leave all of the great yeses and the focuses and probably you’ll see some patterns and trends in that.

You know what? If you struggle with that and you may if you’re an entrepreneur, a creative entrepreneur, we help people. Hit us up online. We can hook you up too to help you manage your limitations, not fight them. But you got them, so just embrace them. But let those lead to your strategic nos, which leads you to some major, major value. Thanks for watching Word of the Day. We’ll see you.

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