Word of the Day: Maturity

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Hey, hey, it’s Word of the Day where we take a word, we pick a word, sometimes a phrase, and we say how that applies to the strategy of growing a services company. Today’s word is maturity. Maturity is something entrepreneurs should always be doing. That’s the job of an entrepreneur, mature. You should be maturing and growing. Well, what is maturity? Well, I thought about that because I’ve matured so much in the past five years. I’ve grown personally to learn a lot about what it means to lead two different companies that my partner and I lead. So basically maturity to me is managing the joys and the trials, these troughs through the life of building a business, right? Managing the ups and downs of these and minimizing the joys, right? Not minimizing the joys, but not taking the joys and only living on the joys and not taking the trials and letting that create dejection and depression and things like that.

It’s minimizing the troughs, and so if you have a maturity hill going like this, you want to draw a line in the middle of it. And you’re always trying to push towards that line. That’s called balance is what that is. That line is being balanced through the ups and downs. Sometimes it’s harder, right? Because instead of the troughs of joys and trials of business going like this and being spanned out, sometimes they’re like this, up and down, right? Depending on what you’re going through. So you mature more quickly in those because you’re practicing more. That’s what you’re doing, you’re practicing more. So I love this quote. I’m going to read you, this quote. It’s from Ouspenskii. Ouspenskii, and it says, “If a man gives way to all his desires or panders to them, there will be no inner struggle in him, no friction, no fire.

But if for the sake of attaining a definite aim he struggles with the desires that hinder him, he then creates a fire which will gradually transform his inner world into a single hole.” That’s fricking awesome, right? That is an amazing quote. I love that. So basically what that saying is through the ups and downs, the troughs you’re dealing with, that’s creating maturity. If you give in to that, if you give in to the highs and if you just dive deep into that dark hole you climb into, which is one of the things I do, if you dive into these things, you’re not learning to pull yourself into the balance of the middle of the trough of the up and down, the joys and trials of what you go through. But this quote says if you do start fighting those things, if you fight that desire of joy and saying, “Oh my God, everything’s great,” or if you fight that desire to be depressed, if you fight it you will start to learn to bring yourself to a wholeness so that you’re not blown and tossed by the wind.

So that’s what maturity means to me and that’s the job of an entrepreneur. You have to do that or you’re going to be freaked out out of 20, 30 years of entrepreneurship. It’s going to blow your head off your shoulders because it is not for the faint of heart. Especially if you’re creating more complexity and building and growing fast, you need this maturity even more. What can help you balance that and bring the troughs of the ups and downs to that middle line of oneness, wholeness? It’s another person, accountability through another person you trust. They can see that the things you’re doing and the whipping around you’re going through in life better than you. They can see it. So you need another person introduced into your life that you can trust that says, “I see you doing that,” and you’ve got to listen.

Sometimes I don’t listen, but you got to open your ears and you’ve got to go, “Okay, I hear you.” And then what you’ll do is you’ll grow over time. So this stuff is hard, right? So if you struggle with it, this is what we do. We do consulting and coaching with creative services, entrepreneurs that are struggling with the ups and downs. They’re struggling with learning how to mature and we want to help them mature. So if you need help, hit us up here. Go to [email protected] And we’ll help you. We’ll help you learn how to grow and we’ll tell you, we’ll share our stories and maturity too and the places we’ve struggled and the great things we’ve learned too. So thanks for joining us on Word of the Day. Take care.

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