Word of the Day: Energy

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It is Word of the Day. And what we do on Word of the Day is we pick one word, and we describe how that can help you strategically in your agency to grow. Today’s Word of the Day is energy. So a lot of times we talk about putting an effort in or time in, but energy is a key concept I’ve read about in a book recently. I want to read you a quote from an HBR, Harvard Business Review article. Here’s what it said, “Energy,” and it’s describing energy, “Energy defined in physics as the capacity to work. Energy comes from four main wellsprings in human beings, the body, emotions, mind and spirit. And each energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals.” Rituals are practices. So when we become overwhelmed with our work, or we don’t have enough time, a lot of times what we’re not managing is our energy.

I know I struggle with that. And one way to target managing your energy is to manage your rituals, is to manage your habits. And the way my partner and I do that is we actually put on our calendar, “Rituals.” And what is a ritual, or what is a habit? Well, it’s where you put a block on your calendar, and you hit the recurring button, and it happens over and over. That happening over and over is a safety type feature for a human to live with them. Now a lot of people will do that, and then they’ll feel hemmed in. That’s what will happen. They’ll see all these blocks on their calendar, and they’ll feel controlled, especially entrepreneurs. They’ll feel like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. My calendar is telling me I can’t be free,” or something like that. When really, parameters, the greatest creativity happens within defined parameters. And that’s what you’re doing with rituals is you’re defining the parameters within which you’re going to use your energy properly. And it’ll start to help you fight being overwhelmed if you’ll let these parameters come into your life, these recurring rituals, these recurring habits into your calendar, if you’ll let them come into your life, you’ll let those start to manage your energy in a much healthier way.

And my partner and I, we help people. We help entrepreneurs do this all the time in creative agencies. As they run agencies, they just get inundated with fires. They all say that “Putting out fires,” that’s a phrase my partner and I say that. Actually everybody is always putting out fires if they’re an entrepreneur, and the fires burn up that energy. So if you start implementing rituals or habits into your calendar, you’re going to start managing and maintaining things, fires that come into your life a little bit better. And it’ll allow you to maintain your energy a little bit better. So that’s a … energy is a big concept. So I hope that helps. But if you have struggles … let me scoot over. If you have struggles managing your energy, we do a lot of coaching with agency owners, and we can help you, too. So hit the link, and maybe we can help you manage your energy better as you lead a creative agency. Thanks for watching. Take care.

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