Word of the Day: Networking

Video Transcript: 

Hey, hey, it’s Word of the Day. Jason Blumer here with a little bit of education on the strategy around running your agency in a better way, and so we do Word of the Day, and today’s Word of the Day is networking. It’s something that we all do initially when we start our companies. We’re trying to meet people and get new clients, but you know what, it’s something that falls away, and does for me too, falls away. When we get busy, and we start finding clients, and we’re doing a lot of work ongoing, networking is something that falls away.

But I was doing some networking the other day with somebody, and man, networking is really cool, it’s still very effective and powerful. You think networking’s about that person in front of you, but it’s really about their network. Networking is hooking your network up to their network, and so you meet this person, and they may or may not be a client, or know a lot of people, but if you start exploring their circle you find out they know somebody, that knows somebody, and you start tapping into that knowledge. And so networking, if you commit to it, can be pretty successful, which is pretty cool.

And so this person I met, maybe we don’t do anything immediately together, but it could turn into two or three other things, that this guy is introducing me to two or three other people, so it’s really cool, my network is expanding, and then guess what? Any new person he introduces me to, they have a whole network too. And so maybe I can tap into that, and, of course, I need to share my network with them too. So it’s just really a give and take type a experience.

Maybe it’s a really small subset of marketing, but networking is really intimate and personal. It’s slower, and it’s one-on-one, but it may be more impactful because of these huge networks, you just got to be skilled at tracking that stuff, tracking who you know and who you met from whom, those are the skills of networking.

So, just thought that was interesting. And if you need help networking or whatever you’re doing to grow your agency, that’s what we do, we help creative agencies at our firm Blumer CPAs. We do growth, strategy, those things. We also do, we manage the financial backbone of the companies that we serve, so let us know if we can help you. Reach out, [email protected], or hit us up on our website, and we’ll help out any way we can. Thanks for joining us for Word of the Day. We’ll see ya.

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