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Video Transcript:

So it’s word of the day and today’s word is alignment, and this word is basically trying to find a client that is aligned with you. So we’re not searching for clients, right? We’re searching for alignment, we’re searching for the right clients, not clients. And this is so key. It’s basically, this is the front door to your company and when your front door is nailed shut, so to speak, and you have to open it and you have to peek out and it takes a lot of time. There’s going to be a lot of time built into your onboarding process to seek alignment with the client. And it’s key to do that. I think what normally is true about service based companies, that their front door to their company is wide open, and the back door is the door that’s shut. And you want to open and shut those doors in different ways.

You want to shut the front door so clients barely get in and when they do, they’re going to be the right client. You’re going to seek alignment, but the backdoor is pretty flimsy. It’s pretty open. People can leave and can walk out when they’re not right because speaking of these doors, when clients get into your house, your healthy company house, basically that alignment is going to really drive huge amounts of value. And your team’s going to be able to do amazing things for them. So you want alignment because of what happens inside that house, that healthy company house where you bring clients in and start to serve them. You want what happens in there and the thing you want is what alignment will bring you. So build an onboarding process that slows people down, that takes numbers of steps to get through, that may take a month or two to get people in. Not all the time, but sometimes. And seek alignment.

Well, alignment with what? Well make sure that the clients believe what you believe. What do you believe? Well write it down in seven different bullet points. What do you believe? What are some things your company believes about service to the people that you serve? What are those beliefs? We’ll give that what we believe statement to your clients and then they’ll find out if they’re aligned with what you believe. Actually, if you want to go to our website, blumercpas.com and become a new client, we’re going to send you our what we believe. Just try it, fill that out, and you’re going to see automatically a statement of what do we believe. And we’re going to ask you. That first email will go out from my partner Julie, that says, what do you believe?

Then another email will come from me that says, Hey, did you believe the things we sent? Do you have any questions about that? So that’s us seeking alignment because we know when we get you in and we’re aligned with you, we’re going to really care for you. But if you’re not a right client of ours, you’re going to be hurt, we’re going to be hurt and we don’t want that. So we help agencies do this. So just let us know if we can help you run your business better, seeking alignment with people. We can coach you through those things and those growth ups and downs, or take over the financial backbone and components of your agency. Those are the things we do. Thanks for watching. Hope that word of the day helps. We’ll see you.

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