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Video Transcript:

Today’s word of the day is website. We’ve had agencies come to us and actually they don’t really have much of a website. We’ve seen a start-up agency that’s killing it, and they don’t even have a website. They may have a placeholder URL and it’s like, how can a company be killing it if they don’t have a website? I guess that makes us understand that a website is not the thing that grows your company. A website is great, it’s a tool and it displays to the world what you’re about and who you are, but the website’s not what grows the company. It’s the service to the people who are aligned with you, that want what you are offering, and you have to make a lot of that clear.

But a website, it’s interesting how people can grow companies with no website at all, or they can grow companies where the website’s confusing, unclear, it just means they have some tap into some person or network or market that’s feeding them their work, aside from their website. The website doesn’t prove the value of the company, they actually know the value of this agency, from some other method other than the website.

And that’s just interesting. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need a website. Websites are great, we want to do our brand soon. Website’s are great, but it doesn’t mean that’s the thing that will grow your company, it doesn’t also mean your company won’t grow if you don’t have a solid website. So it is just a tool, so it’s nice just to put that website where it goes in your business growth, and it’s not necessarily the thing that will grow your company, it’s not necessarily the thing that will hurt your company either, but it is a great tool to display to the world who you are.

So that’s just a little insight into websites and if you’re thinking through things like that, if you want to look at your business in different ways, that’s what we do at Blumer CPAS, we coach and consult and of course we take on the backbone of your agency, the financial piece, manage all the accounting, tax, payroll, just reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.

[email protected] and we’ll be glad to talk to you. Hope you’re doing well, have a good day.

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