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Video Transcript:

Hey hey it’s Word of the Day where we pick a word, or a phrase and we talk about how it affects us as we run our agencies and our businesses. And I have a books, Principles by Ray Dalio. This is a great book. And he highlighted something called dual mindedness. And it’s about integrity. He defines integrity, let me read what he says. He says, “Integrity comes from the Latin word integritas, meaning one or whole. People who are one way on the inside and another way on the outside, that is not whole, they lack integrity. They have duality instead.” And then he says, “People who are one way on the inside and another on the outside become conflicted and often lose touch with their own values. It’s difficult for them to be happy and almost impossible for them to be their best.”

Duality is a serious thing. It’s basically trying to hold two supposed truths that are in conflict with one another, and holding those things in your mind at the same time. And it really will mess up your head. And so, that’s something that my partner often reminds me of. When I’m struggling and battling things in my mind, what I’m often doing is failing to give up on one thing that I don’t want to not be true, I guess is one way to say it. There’s two battles in my mind. And there’s on thing that I’ve just got to accept that is a reality and I’ve got to let go of that thing and let this true thing reign in my mind.

So find somebody that can help you fight the dual mindedness of your mind. It’s a constant thing you got to fight. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re running businesses. Why? Because as the entrepreneur who is a founder of a business, all options are open to you, everything. There’s not a thing you don’t get to consider. And that means you can fill up your head with a lot of opposing things, and those things can hurt you. Because there are truths to building businesses well. And so you want to make sure you’re not thinking about two things that will flip up your mind, and you’re thinking about two opposing things at the same time. It just will mess with your head.

And you know, we coach and consult with agencies and we help them think through these hard things. And we can help you, too. So reach out to us at info@blumercpas. Or just go to our website and hit the new client form. And see if we’re right for you and we can help you work through some of those agency building mindsets. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you.

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