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Video Transcript:

It’s word of the day. And if you’ve been in any kind of counseling or therapy type situation or coaching situation, you may know the difference between presenting and root issues. And when we do consulting work with agencies, a lot of times we’re trying to vet out the things they bring to us as the problems in their business as to what is a presenting issue, that is a second or third order problem caused by another issue, which is a root issue. So what we’re always trying to do in building businesses is solve root issues.

And presenting issues are confusing, right? Because it may be, “Hey, my team’s unhappy, maybe we should change our pay structure and start handing out bonuses.” Well, the team being unhappy and even voicing the fact that they’re unhappy about their pay may be a presenting issue. It may be, and it typically is, a leadership issue at its root. The way that a leader is perceiving the value of the team, showing the value of the team to themselves. They’re struggling with their work and all these humans can do that work in the business is struggle with their pay and say maybe I don’t feel valuable because I’m not paid enough. And so those are presenting issues.

And a lot of times if you can dig down below the presenting issues to the root issues, the real cause of these problems, the presenting issues go away on their own, which is wild. And it takes time to do that because rooting out these root issues takes some time, generally, but the presenting issues kind of can go away. So as consultants, what we can do is really help order things for people and say, “You know what? I think that’s a presenting issue from some type of assessment we can do of teams.” And when we can identify presenting issues, we can set those aside and stop working on those and start working on root issues instead that solve those presenting issues. So it’s really valuable.

And if you think we can help you with some of that, reach out, info@blumercpas. We’ll be glad to talk to you about how we consult and coach and support the financial foundations of agencies that are growing. We would love to help you. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you.

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