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Hello class, it’s Word of the Day, where we talk about some strategic things, so I’m going to just post a word or a phrase for you to think about. And we never talked about this one, but today’s word is time. And a lot of you who know our firm and the way we do things, and a lot of the things we teach, we’re not big billing by the hour people. And that’s just because we don’t believe anything special necessarily happens with the passing of an hour from the beginning to the end of that hour. People can get distracted, confused. They can be amazing and have brilliant ideas during that hour, or they can fall down steps and have to go to the doctor.

So, an hour, what is an hour? We don’t see necessarily inherent any value in the passing of time. But time is important, because we all are constrained by time. So, there is something about time that we have to think about, that can be strategic. And so particularly I want to talk about the passing of time. It was interesting, we were hiring, and somebody asked, “Wow, you guys are passionate about your business model. How did you come up with this?” And my partner and I, Julie, said, “Eight years. It took eight years to figure this out.”

So, really there aren’t magical things a lot of times that happen in periods of time. It’s the passing of time and it’s the learning, the layering, the building on of each other. The ups and downs of the failures as you go up. Time does pass, but it’s amazing how much you learn over time. You get better over time.

So, time is your friend, you just want to embrace it in your life. So, some ways we embrace the passing of time that makes us better is that we’re committed to our work forever. So, Julie and I say that, we’re going to run this firm forever. And so when we commit to a really, really long future, that means we get some things over people don’t get. We get all the benefits and the value and the learning that come from the passing, methodical, strategic passing of time.

And so that’s the gift of time. Everybody’s got the same amount, but people look at the future of that time in different ways. Some people hop between things. A lot of times they try a bunch of different things in different ways. And the passing of time can be your friend if you commit methodically to things and just walk very methodically through time. You’ll learn so much.

So, this Word of the Day was about passing of time, and how important it is. So, commit down deep to the great good things that you’re doing and in five years you’re going to look back and go, “Wow, I killed it.” And you’ll get to say that where other people don’t get to, when they gave up after a year. You commit down deep, and in five years you will be an amazing person. You’ll know things you never knew before, because you’ve just trudged through this thing. Sometimes it’s trudging, sometimes it’s hopping and skipping. But the passing of time is the thing. The way people approach the passing of time is what makes them wise or foolish.

So, we’re going to embrace time and what it gives us. So, if you struggle with things like that, we coach creative business owners through how they approach their business, the principles, the beliefs they’re running their businesses on. We coach them through those things and challenge them on those things. And we help them. And it’s what we love to do. It’s taken us 10 years to figure out how to get there and do it, but it’s a lot of fun. So, let us know, hit us up at [email protected], or just hit our website and let us know if we can help you. Thank you so much, we’ll see you. 

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