Word of the Day: Planning

Word of the Day: Planning from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


There’s often a twist on our Word of the Day videos, and this one may have a twist for you. Word of the Day is planning, and we’ve all heard about planning. We know what that is, right? We use a calendar to plan. But planning is basically courageous. That’s how I view it. Planning is looking into the future, and it’s telling the future what it’s going to do. That is courageous, and a lot of us don’t feel the strength and ability to do that, but that’s what successful people do. Anybody who’s successful, you’ll probably find that they’re some kind of planner. If they work out a lot, or if they achieve a lot in business, or if they have great relationships, whatever it is, you’ll probably find a piece in there about their success being based in planning. Not always, but planning is really thinking you own the future. It’s thinking you get to tell the future what it’s going to do.

Now, you can be real courageous. You want to do one courageous thing, is to actually book your calendar out with a few blocks for a few months out, with some recurring rhythms that you know are healthy, put them on there. It’s basically saying to the future, “I own you,” and that planning is a reflection of courage. And if you don’t think it is, try it. Go try to plan your future by putting blocks on your calendar into the future. And I think you’ll feel what it feels like to be courageous.

You’ll have to push through a feeling, because you’ll have a lot of fears. What if I won’t do it? What if people have to keep me accountable? What if somebody finds out I didn’t do it? All of these things, you’re going to use the strength of courage to fight and push through if you want to own the future.

So, planning is a courageous activity, and if you struggle with planning in coaching, we help people stay accountable to their plans to grow their businesses. We would love to help you do that. Just reach out [email protected] and we’ll be glad to talk to you, and help you plan your future too. Thanks for watching. We’ll see ya.

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