Word of the Day: Self-Assessment

Word of the Day: Self Assessment from Blumer CPAs on Vimeo.


Yo, yo, it’s Word of the Day, where we take a word and we talk about the strategy behind that word in helping you run your agency or your creative business better, and this is a big one. It’s self-assessment. That is big, and we were talking about that in a group. We were leading an entrepreneurial group not long ago, and this self-assessment idea came up where people are generally not good at looking at themselves and determining where they are, how they feel, what they’re doing, how well they’ve done. Those are things humans typically struggle with. That introspection is a hard thing for humans. That’s why therapists exist, counselors, coaches, consultants, all of this is meant to aid a human in looking at themselves or looking at their business in a way that really helps them grow and gain knowledge about how they’d been doing in the recent past or in the long-term past.

So that’s something, it’s good to know. As an owner of a creative business, it’s hard to ask your team, it’s hard to ask the humans that work with you and for you, to say how are you doing? You have to be more specific. You have to really guide them through a process of understanding who they are. So you kind of give them tips and tools. One way to do that is with questions, is to ask them questions, and we like to do it with numbers, too. Like on a scale from one to seven, how do you think you’ve done on that granular specific project, with one being a terrible job, seven being excellent. What that does is it cuts through all of the cloud in the human’s mind, trying to figure out how did I do, so people they struggle to know. So if you use very specific questions about very granular parts of a project or problem, and then you use a numbering system, you can actually help people guide through their minds to kind of do a better assessment.

Like for example, ask anybody you know, how do you feel? It’s hard for people to do introspection, to go what feelings am I feeling? There’s so many, it’s hard to cut through. But if you go real granular and you go on a scale from one to seven, with one being you feel terrible, seven being you feel great about this specific project we just ended yesterday, how do you feel? Give me a number. And a human can actually cut through those things and give it to you. They’ll have to think a little bit, but it really does help them with that self-assessment. And you know what, that’s what we do as consultants. We help creative agencies do assessment on their own agencies, on their own leadership styles, their own leadership teams. So if we can help you, hit us up, [email protected], or you can just go to our website, fill out the client form, we’ll be glad to help you. I hope that self-assessment video helped. Take care.

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